¿Quieres ver como de un ovni nace un "avión" triangular?

lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

TÍTULO EN YOUTUBE: Triangle UFO Landing Hangout FOUND! - March 28, 2011 PA, USA
URL VÍDEO: http://www.youtube.com/user/MOREseeingUFOsPA#p/u/1/DLc6dNI6LKQ
DURACIÓN: 14´50´´
LUGAR DE FILMACIÓN: Murrysville. Pennsylvania (EEUU)
FECHA SUBIDA: 30 marzo 2011
FECHA FILMACIÓN: 28 marzo 2011
VÍDEO: SONY PRO XDCAM (Sin zoom digital, optica 14x y teleobjetivo)
COMENTARIOS AUTORA AL VÍDEO: They rearrange their lights & change direction mid-air... This confuses humans looking at them. More UFO sighting reports being filed of those seeing them do this strange behavior at CLOSE RANGE. SIGHTING REPORT on MUFON.com filed for Pittsburgh recently by some unknown person describes a Triangle craft flying over on March 26, 2011 -- report here: http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/manage_sighting_reports.pl?mo... Another in Fort Washington, PA on same date: http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/manage_sighting_reports.pl?mo... Another PA report on 2/21/11: http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/manage_sighting_reports.pl?mo... Another person in PA who obviously has been observing this same type too and filed "Response to Minnesota Watchers and Blinkers" (same type of UFOs): http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/manage_sighting_reports.pl?mo... So there ya go -- a SMALL taste of written reports filed by people who don't know me, who've observed recognized the same UFO crafts and/or behavior as me -- besides the 80+ people WORLDWIDE who are filming them too, RIDICULOUS to try to single me out as an isolated case now, isn't it? If you've seen this type too -- leave comment as to where and when so their behavior and movements can be tracked. If you don't believe any of this -- Sorry, but I didn't ask for you to seek out and watch my videos. Your opinion is one I didn't ask for. I'm filming these so that OTHER EYE WITNESSES will have something to let them know that 1) they aren't crazy, and 2) they are not alone. Report your sightings to MUFON.com (anonymously if you must) so that others watching around the world can see where/when they are flying too... While not much happens with the info after you file, their website has become the central UFO reporting site who's reports get spread throughout the internet. DISCLOSURE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE OF EARTH

ALGUNAS CONCLUSIONES cara a extraer patrones:

Minuto 03´33´´ : "Su movimiento era lento y constante, hacia LOS LADOS, lo que es TÍPICO DE ELLOS"

Minuto 08`10 a minuto 08´30´´ aprox:
Alison subaya: " Presta especial atención a los cambios de luces en relación a la dirección de movimiento: ¡ Lo que era la luz central trasera, se convierte en la luz central frontal¡" (Ale, ya tenemos un aparente avión triangular)

1º luz central trasera. 2ª luz central frontal 

Minuto 08´58´´: " No estamos seguros de si se tratan de hologramas, pero ellos pueden proyectar diferentes formas de iluminación para imitar la apariencia de los aviones "humanos""

Minuto 10´46´´: "La única cosa que ellos no han sido capaces de falsear es UNA FIRMA DE RADAR HUMANA" Yo pregunto con semejante nivel de "tecnología y capacidad de viajar (ya sea en esta dimensión o en viaje interdimensional) ¿No será que a lo mejor no quieren, más que de que no pueden?

Minuto 14´25´´ Del 29 del 11 del 2009, son las imágenes que siguen:


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